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Dalaman Fethiye Karayolu, 48310 Göcek, Fethiye/Muğla
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Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning sensitive fabrics that are difficult to clean using special chemicals and removing stains from clothing.

We offer the fastest and most effective solutions to your dry cleaning needs with our first-class service approach.

How to Dry Clean

In the first stage, the properties of the product to be dry cleaned are examined. In the next stage, the product is classified according to fabric type and color. In the third stage, stain removal is performed. At this stage, stains that are difficult to remove are intervened with professional products.

In the fourth stage, products in which pre-intervention to stains is performed are washed in accordance with the washing instructions. After washing, the rinsed products are cleaned of solvents by centrifuge process.

At the last stage, the clothes are dried in a hot air stream and ventilated, cleaning the last solutions that may have remained on the clothes. After this stage, it can also perform ironing, Cola, paint operations according to preferences and needs.

Which Clothes Can Be Dry Cleaned?

Although it is believed that dry cleaning is only applied for special clothing such as suits, evening wear and coats, this is not accurate information. Dry cleaning can be done from coats and coats to daily clothes to all textile products.

In addition to clothes, home textile products such as curtains, bedspreads and blankets can also be dry cleaned.


Is Water Used in Dry Cleaning?

Although dry cleaning operations are not carried out completely “dry”, no water is used during the process. The process is named as “dry cleaning” because the special liquids used during the processes do not contain water.

As one of the leading companies in the sector, we are very happy to serve you with our devices that use the highest technology. You can safely choose us for your dry cleaning needs.